Eighth Grade Supply List

Fort Zumwalt North Middle School


8th Grade Supply List

 The following is the necessary supply list for your student for the 2017-2018 school year.  The list provided is for all grade-level teams.  Consumable items do not have a quantity listed.  We suggest you purchase a good supply while items are on sale because students are required to bring them to class daily.  Please replenish supplies as needed throughout the year.  Additional supplies may be required for team, specialty classes, or special projects throughout the year.  Students will learn which team they are assigned to at Schedule Pick-Up.

Items to be Purchased at Schedule Pick-Up: Assignment Notebook

PE Supplies: Dressing out is an integral part of student’s grade. District Dress Policy applies.

o    Tee-shirt or Sweatshirt

o    Shorts or Sweatpants

o    Socks & Tennis Shoes (tennis shoes must tie)

G.A.T.E. Supplies: Only required if you are in the G.A.T.E. Program.

O   1” Binder w/clearview cover

O   4-Tabbed Dividers

O   2 Pocket Folder

General Items Needed for All 8th Graders:

o    3- 1” Binders (Social Studies, ELA, Math)

o    5 Sheet Protectors

o    3 Spiral Notebooks (2 Science, Social Studies)

o    1 pkg Wide Ruled Loose Leaf Paper

o    2 Pocket Folders with Holes

o    #2 Pencils*

o    Red Pens*

o    1 pkg Multi Colored Highlighters

o    1 pkg Dry Erase Markers (low Odor)

o    Colored Pencils*

o    TI-30 XII Texas Instruments Calculator (if not bought in previous years-will use the same all 3 yrs)

o    XL Book Cover (non-adhesive) (Science)

o    Inexpensive earbuds (if not bought in previous years-will use the same all 3 yrs)

* The above supplies will need to be replenished throughout the year.

Team Specific Items:


o    2 Glue Sticks (Science)

o    1 pkg Fine Expo Markers (Social Studies)


o    1 pkg of Wide Ruled Paper (ELA)

o    Xl Book Cover (Math)


o    3 Subject Spiral Notebook (Science)

o    Xl Book Cover (non-adhesive)