• Intramurals Activities Coordinator  Chris Bailey
    Archery         Michelle Carpenter
    Basketball – Boys Todd Biri
    Basketball – Girls          Tammie Moorefield
    Cheerleading  Kirsten Bredensteiner
    Fit For Life Judy Shields
    Flag Football  Michelle Kasubke
    Pickleball  Michelle Carpenter
    Soccer Tracy Pollard
    Softball Michelle Carpenter
    Table Tennis Michelle Kasubke
    Team Handball Tammie Moorefield
    Track & Field  Chris Bailey
    Volleyball  Kirsten Bredensteiner



Art Club- Provides an additional opportunity for students to experience creative adventures in art.

Sponsors: Dave Reeb (7th/8th) and Kim Berger-Gerecke (6th)

Band- After school band opportunities.

Sponsor: Patrick Stewart


Builders’ Club- Provides opportunities for students to work together in service activities in their school and


Sponsor: Jamie Izo

Chess Club - Gives students the opportunity to practice their chess playing skills, learn new techniques, challenge their classmates, and work together by helping others learn the game.

Sponsor: Amanda Lewis


Computer Club - Provides students with experience in computers and computer software. Students will participate in developing activities which include: PowerPoints, internet web page design, learning to use a smart board and learning computer software.

Sponsor: Terry Ratcliff


Drama Club- Focus on preparing for all aspects of play production.

Sponsors: Lauren Jansen


FACS Club- Provide sewing and culinary opportunities to middle school students.

Sponsor: Karla Brocaille


Fandom Club - Provides students the opportunity to build friendships as they share common interests such as British entertainment, heroes, gaming, comic-con, and much more.

Sponsor: John Estill


Foreign Language Program- 7th and 8th grade students will be introduced to different languages so when the time comes to choose a language in high school, students can make an education decision. German, Spanish, and French instructors from North High will come to our school and teach fundamentals of the languages.


Jazz Band- Participants work on understanding, enjoying and performing jazz music.

Sponsors: Patrick Stewart and Matt Schultz


Library Club- Intended for students who are excited about reading and the intent is to have a book of the month to discuss.

Sponsor: Ashley Pierre


Literary Magazine Club- Provides students opportunities to publish their writing and give students a place to practice public speaking.

Sponsor: Rebecca McCollum


Math Club- Engage in math activities, explore various interesting math concepts, create math manipulatives for younger students and study for math competitions held in the area.

Sponsor: Lee Ann McDermott

Media Production Club - Media Club provides students the opportunity to learn about and create video productions, Blogs, Pod Casts. Etc. to produce informational pieces that promote school activities and celebrate student / school achievements. Students will learn about and use basic journalistic skills and the elements of effective writing and media production.

Sponsors: Amy McHugh and Sarah Schroeder (co-sponsors)


National Junior Honor Society- Academic/service organization where students must meet citizenship and academic requirements for membership.

Sponsors: Kim Berger-Gerecke & Judy Shields (co-sponsors)



Sponsor: Jenina Kenessey


Science Club- Meets to discuss and engage in hands - on activities using all areas of science.

Sponsor: Julie Rone


Science Fair - Students are invited to enter science fair projects based on guidelines set by St. Charles/Lincoln County Science Fair committee at St. Charles Community College. (Club not active in 2016-2017)



Scrapbooking Club- Allows students to develop self-expression through preserving family memories.

Sponsor: Kim Berger-Gerecke


Show Choir- Focus on preparing for and performing a large production in the form of a show or musical.

Sponsor: Jodi Kratzer


Step/Dance Club- Students will learn the art of African Step Dancing and various dance routines.
Sponsor: Judy Shields


Student Council- Leadership organization, which gives students the opportunities to be involved in improving the school environment.

Sponsors: Donna Vallat & Jim Rubenstein (co-sponsors)


Talent Show- promotes the talents of middle school students and the opportunity to perform in front of peers.

Sponsor: Lauren Jansen


Technology Students Association- nationwide organization exposing students to technology and the benefits of being “technology literate” in today’s society.

Sponsor: Matt Swain


TREND- Meet to discuss and plan activities that focus on a drug-free lifestyle.

Sponsor: Mary Templeton

Vocal Music

Sponsor: Jodi Kratzer


Weightlifting- Provides an introduction to safe, healthy weightlifting through hands on experience.
Sponsor: Josh Cooper


Yearbook- Plan, design, and construct the school yearbook.

Sponsors: Tracy Pollard & Amy McHugh (co-sponsors)


  • Clubs/organizations and Intramurals have calendars with upcoming dates and times to the left of this page.